Saturday, June 17, 2006

Measurment for Dummies Brings Success to DOD

A couple of weeks ago I posted one of my personal favorite charts from the DOD reports on progress in Iraq. Well it appears that things have been going 'well' on the media outlet front in Iraq on two counts:

* The DOD have apparently had time to get past Chapter 1 in their "Measurement For Dummies" book and have included a time index in their most recent chart.
* Those pesky 'independent' media outlets have finally gotten the message that, in a real democracy, the people should get their information from the commercial media. Lets not be too hard on them though, since in the "pre-war" period there was no such thing as a media outlet.

May 2006

I guess its true what they say: "The post-dictatorial apple doesn't fall far from the neo-fascist tree."

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