Thursday, July 06, 2006

What's in a name?

The Associated Press is reporting that Western Union is blocking money transfers being sent by people with 'arab sounding names'.

The article notes that a Sacramento couple were not allowed to put a tradmill on layaway because one of their last names was Hussein. Thank god it wasn't an eliptical machine, it would have been strait to a clandestine Eastern European prison for them!
There were a few other interesting names mentioned in the article including, I kid you not, Nixon Baby who apparently runs a Western Union in Bur Dubai and Molly Millerwise, spokesperson for the US department of tresury. Incidentaly, Millerwise's sister, Jennifer Millerwise Dyck , is indirectly linked to a bunch of not so nice GOP buisness. Gimme a break with these names! What is this, a James Bond movie?


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